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New Song!

2010-01-17 23:43:46 by TOOL1024

I have been offline for a year now... and no music making. Iv'e been skating and rubik's cubing, but now i'm back, and i started off by putting a new song!!! Once again in the upload a pause was made again, i dont get it. I'm useing FLStudio 7. But back to the point, I'm also learning animation, and I want to make a Madness series. If I could only get those sprite sheets open....


2008-11-06 21:21:29 by TOOL1024

I finaly got something in, but i ran into some uploading problems. It has a pause at the end, i accedently made a gap there. : l


2008-10-25 20:35:17 by TOOL1024

Still nothing new. I need some tips. Does anyone know how to convert a Pivot Stick Animator file to a swf. and does anyone know of any music mixers like fl studio thats free? I would like it alot if someone told me... anyway thanks.


2008-08-23 01:16:15 by TOOL1024

Up to a very slow start. Made my account, thinkin i would make some awsome tunes, but i have only made 2, which suck, as you can see from my FlashBackSpin entree, and it was just a test. ill get there eventually.

P.S. Ive only submitted one.